Create Effective Plans

Improve Your Management Fitness

Grow Market Share

Increase Customer

Reduce Employee Turnover

Stop Putting Out Fires

Succession Planning


Janet Treer Management Consultant Executive and Individual Coach Personality Profiles Customer LoyaltyManagement Insights


Shared Visions Generate Commitment & Excellence

Collaborative Solutions & Approaches Achieve the Improbable

Empowering & Developing Employees Elevates an Organization

Impeccable Ethics Must Define Standards & Practices

Business Development is a Partnership of Stakeholders

Integrating Disparate Personalities & Perspectives Enhances Outcomes

Crisis Management is Best Achieved with a Calming Influence

Relationship Building Achieves Continuity in a Turbulent Environment

Pursuing Audacious Goals Rarely Disappoints


Accountability with Shared Rewards is a Powerful Motivator

Optimal Performance Melds Top-line Growth & Solid Cost Management

Analytically-Based Decision Making is the Foundation of Success

Timeliness is an Essential Success Factor

Meaningful Metrics Facilitate Effective Management Decisions

Owned Profit Centers Produce the Most Equity

A Rising Bar Motivates Best when Challenging & Achievable


Embracing Technology Can Propel a Company into a Leadership Position

Emerging Technology Must be Applied with Insight & Confidence

Effectiveness, Insight & Continuity Increase with the Richness of Diversity

Merging Creative, Technical & Analytical Perspectives is Worth the Effort

Analytical Assessment & Creative Insight Support Effective Problem Solving

Effective Training is as Valuable as Any Other Essential Business Tool

Six Sigma, Lean, etc., Optimally Focus Management Expertise


Effective Change Management is Essential for Business Success

Today’s Givens will be Tomorrow’s Opportunities for Improvement

Customer-Driven Practices are Always On-target

Settling for the Status Quo Inevitably Leads to Failure

Negative Situations are Reversed with Insight, Skill & Unwavering Optimism

Revealing the Synergies of a Multi-location Business is a Management Art

Organizational Assessment & Development Should be an Ongoing Process